JJA, is an industry leader in MEP Interiors projects for Corporate and Tenant On-Call services with over 20 Million SF of successful projects. JJA has developed a responsive team of individuals, geared toward the quick turnaround and special design requirements of these projects, JJA provides 35 years of experience in corporate interiors and the tenant development market. Our experience and understanding of the unique requirements of this industry offers our client the confidence of working with an MEP Team providing the experience, quality and responsiveness required for this industry.


JJA, Inc. offers an in-house team of seasoned professionals, dedicated to providing efficient and effective design solutions for interior projects. Our team is well-versed in new construction, additions, expansions, as well as the challenges of renovations, remodeling and restacking programs. We also work closely with Interior Designers, Architects and Developer/ Owner Groups to provide tenant finish solutions that fit within the budget and development program.

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